Q: How do I place an order ?
Whether you are a click & collect or delivery customer the best way to order is online at pizzabutlers.com. Arriving at Pizza Butlers, Alexandria Estate EX10 9HL, ordering at the hatch could result in long wait. Previous orders are made first.
Q: How to place a large order ?
Our computer systems regulates the number of pizzas ordered per 15 minute timeslot. When you hit a limit, checkout and pay, then make another order for the next slot. We will deliver them together or let us know if you want delivery staggered.
Q: When does pre-ordering open ?
Pre-ordering starts the day before so if you want to book pizza for a party on Friday you have an opportunity to get in first on Thursday and book up the slots you need. It is important to pre-order large orders as we can sell out.
Q: When are you open ?
We're not open everyday, we operate Friday & Saturday | 5pm to 8pm during winter months Nov - March. It is best to pre-order on pizzabutlers.com to avoid disappointment. Pre-ordering opens the day before.
Q: How long does it take to receive my pizza order ?
We cannot guarantee delivery times but we generally are quite quick. We expect to get pizza delivered within 30 -45 minutes. It all depends on any backlog in the order flow. Quickest is 10 minutes so far.
Q: Who are we ?
The team at Pizza Butlers strives to provide the very best pizza using the least additives and preservatives. We do this by making fresh topping in our kitchen and buying organic wherever posssible.
Q: Where are you ?
(old gas works) Fords Alexandria Trading Estate, Sidmouth, EX10 9HL, Devon
Q: Do you take phone orders ?
No. There are a number of reason the most important is that the computer system regulates the amount of pizzas ordered per 15 minute slot. There is no way to block off the slot and we could get too many orders. Order at pizzabutlers.com
Q: What happens if your website isn't working ?
There will be a message on the website saying that we have technical problems. In which case we will resume orders online as soon as it is fixed. We don't have capacity to switch over to phone orders.
Q: Having trouble placing order on your website ?
There are a lot of issues between our software system and you: WIFI, glitch, faulty buttons the list is long. Check your device, refresh browser, clear cookies, check your WIFI or try another device.. We don't have capacity to take phone orders.
Q: Do you have a technical helpline ?
Yes, you can call Robert on 07508668636. We will help as best we can but we do not have capacity to take orders by telephone.
Q: Where do you deliver ?
When you insert your postcode in to address search you will immediately see if we deliver to your address. We only deliver to towns not rural parts of Sidmouth, Newton Poppleford & Sidbury. It takes too long to find houses off the beaten track.
Q: Do you make half & half pizza ?
You can choose to leave toppings off one side of the pizza so creating half margherita and other half with toppings. But we don't place 2 different sets of toppings onto one pizza.
Q: Events, Festivals & Weddings ?
We are in the process of setting up an events team that works separately to Pizza Butlers Sidmouth branch. We have already successfully taken part at Sidmouth Folk Festival; Sidmouth Air Show & Seafest. Call/Text Robert 07508668636